The Perfect Brace to Support Your Knee

Someone with bad knees has likely seen their fair share of products to provide them with knee support. The question that people have, especially if they’ve recently incurred an injury, is what sort of device offers the best support. With so many different support devices, as well as a myriad of different potential knee injuries, this question will likely have many different answers, depending on a person’s particular situation.

The Hinged Brace

One of the most substantial types of support devices for knee injuries are hinged support braces. What these devices do is allow somebody recovering from a significant knee injury the ability to move about, even while the injury is healing. With hinges, this type of support allows people to move freely and to bend their knees without being encumbered. Fortunately, these braces also offer significant support to keep this area of the body immobilized so that the injury will heal properly even when the body is moving.

A More Flexible Support Unit

Wraparound braces are typically flexible support devices that wraparound the upper and lower areas of the leg around the knee. This is good for a person that has healed significantly from a major knee injury and is ready to move to a new level of mobility. It’s also good for patella injuries and dislocations as it offers a great deal of support but still offers mobility.

Compression Sleeves

The last type of brace that is seen more often these days is a compression sleeve. These types of sleeves still fall under the support category and they’re perfect for people that are having extremely light knee pain or people that face chronic knee pain during activities such as walking, jogging or running. These sleeves give a great amount of support with the most freedom when it comes to mobility.

The fact is that there are many other types of braces such as bands or straps as well as custom braces that are especially constructed for an individual dealing with a significant knee injury. Regardless of the types of braces and support devices, the main condition that you suffer from, whether it’s chronic light to moderate pain, a serious knee injury or you’re progressing through the recovery process, finding the right support for your knee will help you to have mobility, even when you’re recovering from a knee injury.