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Essence of Eating Crabs

A good number of people tend to find their diet monotonous for lack of diversification of the same. One would only need to look further and make sure that he or she adopts crustaceans such as crabs for their myriad nutritional value. One would note that there are so many merits that come packed with crabs and hence need to include them in one’s meal. Crabs tend to be very low in fats and also tend to contain only 82 calories per every 3 ounce serving. They also supply minerals as well as vitamins supporting good health in their consumer. One, as a result, would consider making them part of his or her diet.

In a case where one wants to find a source of healthy proteins, crabs tend to be the best. A woman is recommended to take about 46 grams of proteins while a man is recommended to take 56. In a case where one cooks crabs, he or she would not need to figure out a way of acquiring more proteins. A three ounce serving of crabs tend to offer an individual with about 16.45 grams of healthy proteins. The proteins from crabs tend to contain all the essential 20 amino acids used in making of new proteins in the body.

Vitamin B12 is yet another nutrient one can find in the crabs. Crabs tend to supply a whole 2.4 micrograms each day with a 3-ounce serving containing about 9.78 micrograms of vitamin B12. Where one has enough supply of vitamin B12, he or she can be sure that production of red blood cells will be stabilized. Another reason as to why one would go for crabs include the fact that it contains vitamin B12 that is known for improving the brain function. In a case where one would need to keep the cardiovascular illnesses at bay, he or she would need to make sure that he or she goes for vitamin B12.

Where one goes for crabs, he or she would also be sure of a food source that is low in cholesterol as well as in sodium. Every 3-ounce serving of crabs tend to contain about 911 milligrams of sodium. Bearing in mind that an adult ought to limit his or her intake of sodium to 2,300 or less, one would need to go for crabs as a source of sodium as a way of reducing heart related illnesses. One would only need to know how to cook crabs well and also make sure that he or she has a stable supply of crabs.

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