A Quick Guide to Portioning, How Slight Changes Can Have a Big Impact

Exercising takes time and determination. Creating a diversified nutritional plan will absolutely pay off, but it does take quite a bit of effort up front. Are there ways to potentially curb some weight quickly without requiring a whole lot of attention? The secret may be portioning.

Portioning refers to a system of measures to cut back smaller things to make big changes over time. Portioning in food may refer to those ugly fragmented plates with little numbers on the side. There are smarter ways to portion.

Smaller Main Meal Plates

It seems logical to poor a drink so it fills the entire drink. Just pour it over the top. Smaller plates and smaller cups will force smaller portions. Sure, a person can go up and have three plates full. But, maybe this small adjustment will force that first scoop to be a little smaller. Maybe, if all goes well, there is less of a desire to go get another. To make matters even better, eat a little slower. Take a pause between bites to savor the taste. There may be more left over.

Will anyone benefit from a 24-ounce soda or coffee? No, not really. The practice of having small cups can be carried to the home. To complement this, pour all the soda down the drain. drink natural juices in moderation and use cups which are half the size for more sensible portions.

Small Side Plates

For unhealthy snack items, portion them in a much smaller plate. There is nothing wrong with using a comically small plate the size of a hand, as opposed to a big bowl. For that extra bump, make the plates red. Red is naturally associated with avoidance. It may create a subconscious effect of limiting as it is a natural and primitive feeling of “no” and “bad” associated with the color.

It is worth getting around to the bigger strategies in weight loss later on. Yet, there is nothing wrong with starting with some small portioning tricks. For more information, follow Lahey Hospital on Twitter today. The Twitter profile has links to up-to-dates news articles and medical industry pieces that can offer the latest news.