Month: December 2018

Facts About Lung Cancer

Facts About Lung Cancer

Everyone knows that smoking is bad and leads to illness and disease, including multiple types of cancer — the most well known of which is lung cancer. However, smoking isn’t always the culprit for the second most common type of cancer (after skin cancer). Here are some facts about lung cancer.

Three different types

NSCLC, or non-small cell lung cancer, is the most commonly found cancer among American adults, appearing in 85 percent of cases. It has three common subtypes: adenocarcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and large-cell carcinoma.

SCLC, or small cell lung cancer, is the second most common and fastest growing, but it’s easily treated. Theses types of cancers have three stages. Localized cancer is only found in the lung(s); regional cancer spreads to the chest, specifically the lymph nodes and glands; distance cancer shows up in other parts of the body.

Lung carcinoid tumors are rare and grow slowly, but do not spread throughout the body. Mesothelioma commonly affects the lungs’ membrane — although technically not lung cancer, it’s similarly dangerous.

It does not discriminate by gender

Women can’t get prostate or testicular cancer, and men can’t get breast or ovarian cancer. But everybody breathes, and even in ethnic and age groups more prone to lung cancer, it does not discriminate by gender.

Older individuals and African Americans have higher risk

The youngest person ever diagnosed was 45 years old, but 67 percent of cases involve patients who are 65 or older, with an average age of … Read More