Day: November 5, 2018

How to Create One of a Kind Art with Coffee

How to Create One of a Kind Art with Coffee

Who knew that a small bean could create a such a stir? A fresh cup of coffee, known to many as “liquid gold,” gives many people an extra energy boost in the morning to propel the day forward, and comes with a side of health benefits, including a dose of antioxidants. Whether stopping off at your local coffee shop or waiting for your personalized coffee subscription to be delivered, people relish their daily caffeine infusion. But this coveted bean can also be used to create unique art projects.

Here is what you need to know if you’d like to paint with coffee.

Brewing the perfect tone


To begin your coffee creation, you’ll want to brew an array of shades. For example, french roasts may produce a redder tone while espresso will create browner hues. To achieve this you may want to experiment with your coffee grounds to get the right color. There are settings on your automatic coffee machine for a smaller and stronger cup or you can use a french press and squeeze out the best colors. This will help give you a darker coffee. You can also soak the grounds themselves in water to extract a deeper shade, then add water to lighten it if needed. To give your piece some contrast you can use other colors of paints in addition to your favorite coffee color.

Art with foam

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