Month: September 2018

Opiates- Negative Substance For Your Body

Opiates- Negative Substance For Your Body

Being derived from opium, an opiate is a class of drug isolated for purpose of acting as a painkiller and recreational drug. Moreover, they can be highly addictive and difficult to leave even if one has to go through drug or screening tests.

There are lots of factors involved if one is going to face a drug test and wondering how long drugs may stay in our systems for health reasons. Sometimes, opiates in urine are detected which indicates the amount of opiates consumption. According to the frequency of usage, type of drug is taken and other major details are important if one is concerned for withdrawal from opiates. Moreover, most people are known to metabolize differently.

Factors on which metabolism of opium depends-

Specific alkaloids in the opium or Chinese poppy are the natural source for opiates. However, alkaloids differ in the strength, longevity and exhibit different effects. Hence your system will consist of different types of opiates for more or less time. Other factors to be considered include-

  • Metabolism- Metabolism of drugs depends on how quickly the body is able to digest and utilize them. This varies from person to person.
  • Body mass- a larger person is supposed to metabolize faster. Similarly, a muscular person is supposed to metabolize at a greater rate than a person with fewer
  • Body fat- opiates are known to be lipophilic which suggests that they will tend to deposit in the fat. So we can conclude that a person with a higher ratio
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